Dustin is a magician with a tattoo gun. I call him “the human photo copy machine” because what you bring in is what you’re gonna get on your skin. Incredible attention to detail paired with an extremely precise line work will ensure your artwork is impeccable. If you’re looking for top quality work, look no more.

M. B.

Everywhere I go I get compliments because people are in awe of Dustin’s work. He has amazing attention to detail and is able to tailor your tattoo design to what you want. He’s really easy to work with, and I’ve been completely happy with everything he’s done on me. I will never go to an artist other than Dustin.

J. H.

Ya’ll, this man can tattoo for real. I had an idea for a geometrical landscape but couldn’t really put it on the paper. I explained it to Dustin who took the idea and ran with it. He created a work of art, and the best part is, tattoo ended up looking exactly the same as it was on paper. Better even! I can’t recommend him enough. Crazy.

W. C.